Duesenberg "Domino" P90

Duesenberg "Domino" P90

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The original P90 in a Humbucker format - Dynamic P90 variations are in our blood.

The "Domino" is the result of our efforts to create a real P90 in a Humbucker housing. Already in the 70's of the passed century, Dieter Gölsdorf set out to design a pickup which not only replicates the unique tone of real P90 but can also be fitted inside a regular Humbucker cover to make it more compatible with all kinds of guitars. After long nights of testing, analysing and putting together all kinds of variations the result of his studies was called the "Domino". We think it's a perfect interpretation of what makes a good P90 pickup.

The "Domino" acts as a perfect counterpart to our classic "Grand Vintage" humbucker in the neck position of many of our instruments. In parts, it's also responsible for the typical Duesenberg flexibility in tone, attack and dynamics.

Open German Silver Cover
2 conductor wire
Pickup frame not included.




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